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Redneck Vs Aussie by Duckyworth

I haven't done a critique before but I will try. ^w^ The overall feel and image of this really conveys the theme here and what is going...


Mega Latios and Latias fan-made by RippertheScraftyplz
Mega Latios and Latias fan-made
Edit: Did a redraw of them in different poses and slight edits, most prominent with the larger arms, still not as large as the original mega forms though. Also switched the shiny and regular coloration at a commenter's suggestion. Purple as shiny was more suitable as it shows if red and blue were mixed and the lighter red and blue of the regular color megas matches more to the regular colors of normal form Latios and Latias, just a lighter shade. Also, shiny mega forms of some Pokemon are often different shiny color in mega evolution whereas regular colors change little if at all between regular and mega forms. (Official Latios and Latias megas being an exception in that both regular and shiny colors are completely different than the colors of regular forms)

I don't like the canon designs of Mega Latios and Latias. In my opinion, they look like fat overweight airplane dragons and they look strange without back wings. They also look exactly the same except for eye color and body size. I think they need to look a little more unique to each other so what I did here was combine the aspects of both regular and mega forms together, and made them look a bit more slender. This was the result. They still have the arm wings, but back wings as well, so they have 4 super awesome wings. The arm wings are smaller however, and can be used as blades. The shiny color is purple, a combination between red and blue. But to make them not look exactly alike apart from size and eye color, I did Latios with dark purple and light purple triangles, and Latias in light purple with dark purple triangles. They also have a different head and feet feather design. The regular colors are a lighter shade of blue and red than the blue and red of regular form Latios and Latias. They can fly with their arms and claws tucked in or with their arms out, as shown with Latios (arms against body) and Latias (arms extended). Unlike the regular mega forms, these megas fly with their arms pointed forward rather than backward like the original megas.
Mega Crystamyst by RippertheScraftyplz
Mega Crystamyst
When Crystamyst mega Evolves, its gemstones shine with even more brilliance and impurities are faded away, like when Diancie mega evolves. In mega form, Crystamyst's gems stand out more as they are now a different color than the rest of its crystalline body. (Crystamyst's gems would have the same shiny effects as Diancie but I don't know how to do those effects so I did Crystamyst in a more simple look here. ^^;) In mega form it has two crystal 'wings' like the normal form, but in this pose you only see one of the 'wings'. Its mega form consists of lighter amethysts and pink gems than the normal form, and the shiny mega has pure white diamonds and rubies, with a chest and head sapphire.

Crystamyst is crystal and mystic combined. It's based on aliens and gemstones.

Crystamyst is said to represent all precious gems and elements on Earth and in space. It is so rarely seen because it only reveals itself during certain days and nights. It changes color to blend in with the sky so it can't be seen. Only the gems on head and chest and its eyes don't change color. Its whole body is composed of similar material to the gems on its body, being pure carbon, hence why its whole body glitters like crystal. It is also said to fly into outer space, being rarely seen as well, due to its color changing abilities. It is unaffected by the harshness of space, being able to survive without oxygen, it is sustained with magic, but will breathe and store oxygen on Earth for means of extra energy. This Pokemon seems to have a special connection with the Pokemon Carbink and Diancie.
Its first signature move is the Rock type move Crystal Blast. It's a special Rock type move, and is a more powerful version of the move Power Gem. It does 120 damage and has a chance of lowering the opponent's accuracy from the blinding effects of Crystal Blast. (30% chance) The gems on the head and chest of Crystamyst glow and shoot a pulsing beam of light with flashing crystal shards in it. While using this, Crystamyst's body becomes glittery. The downside to Crystal Blast is that after using this, Crystamyst must rest the next turn. Its second signature move is Diamond Charge. It is a physical Rock type move and does 100 damage with no extra effect beyond damage.
It is 9 feet tall when standing up from its lower belly where it meets the tail. Its only ability is Crystal Magic. Gem-based attacks gain 1.5 times more power, and if the Pokemon holds a gem that increases power to a type of move, the power is boosted further. If hit by a gem-based move, the damage is halved. If Diancie is on the field as an ally, these effects are also given to it. No hidden ability.
With the Crystamystite, it mega evolves into Mega Crystamyst. Mega Crystamyst has the ability Crystal Prism. It has the same effects of the ability Crystal Magic, but Crystal Prism boosts the effects to double rather than 1.5 times for gem based moves and moves boosted by a corresponding type gem. Gem based attacks targeted at Mega Crystamyst are negated rather than halved, and as a result, the attack is directed back at the target. If the redirected attack is targeting another Pokemon with Crystal Prism or one being protected by the ability, (Diancie) then the redirected attack does nothing. If Diancie is on the field as an ally, Crystal Prism gives all these effects to it as well.
The Sanders Sisters by RippertheScraftyplz
The Sanders Sisters
Based on the Sanderson sisters from the movie Hocus Pocus. Wendy Sanders the Mismagius, Sally Sanders the Gardevoir, and Marie Sanders the Gothitelle, based on Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson the witch sisters. 
A bio will come later as I come up with one. This is in scraps only because it'll be a separate gallery to my main, where I put Fake Pokemon, this was hard work, done in Paint Tool SAI.

Pokemon belongs to Nintendo, OCs are mine.
Mega Mystixie X and Y by RippertheScraftyplz
Mega Mystixie X and Y
The shiny forms are different shades of blue and pink than original color Mystixie. The lighter color on the face is the same color as the color on the regular Mystixie face however.

Pinixie is a corruption of pixie. Mystixie is mystic and pixie combined. They are based on fairies and animals.
Males blue with green eyes, females pink with blue eyes and eyelashes. The lighter color on Pinixie is lighter than the medium color on the Mystixie. These Pokemon are very affectionate and gentle, and their fur is extremely soft and supple. Their fur is popular for yarn. They are very mystical by nature and are great at defending their young, and live mostly in beautiful colorful jungles by water. They are very shy. They have amazing mystical powers. They also have retractable claws. They are Fairy/Psychic type and are in the Fairy/Field group, due to their fairy like appearance and are terrestrial in nature. Possible abilities are Magic Guard (prevents indirect damage, takes damage only from attacks), Cute Charm (30% off attracting opposite gender target that lands direct attack on a Cute Charm Pokemon), or the hidden ability Friend Guard (reduces damage done to allies). Pinixie is 2 feet tall by average and Mystixie is 5 feet tall by average.
With the Mystixite X or Mystixite Y, Mystixie will mega evolve into Mega Mystixie X or Mega Mystixie Y. These megas are gender specific. Mega Mystixie X is the female and Mega Mystixie Y is the male. This is a reference to the chromosomes in humans, with females having XX chromosomes and males having XY chromosomes. Thus, Mystixite X works on the female and Mystixite Y works on the male. Both are still Fairy/Psychic. Both gain boosts in HP, Special Defense, Speed, and Special Attack. The Mega Mystixie X (female) has ability Girl Power and Mega Mystixie Y (male) has the ability Boy Power. Girl Power and Boy Power have a 30% chance of attracting the opposite gender when the targeted Pokemon is hit by any direct contact move, and moves, not just direct contact, deal double damage as long as the opponent is attracted.
There will be more Pokemon!

These fake Pokemon Pinixie and Mystixie are mine. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Mega Majestaura by RippertheScraftyplz
Mega Majestaura
Here we have Majestaura and its mega evolution, Mega Majestaura. Majestaura is Fairy/Dragon type in both forms.

Majestaura is majestic and aura combined. It's based on the legendary quetzalcoatl.
Majestaura is a magnificent and beautiful Pokemon. It is very rare. Anyone lucky enough to come across the magical Prism Feather is said to be very lucky. The Prism Feather, a variation of Feebas and Milotic's Prism Scale, radiates with a mythical energy that makes Beautiel evolve from a burst of magnificent beauty when holding it or traded when holding it. Majestaura is even more incredible and highly sought after than Beautiel not only for its radiant beauty but also because it is very docile and easy to care for, but will get aggressive only when defending itself and young from those it doesn't trust. It's intelligent, but also stubborn and hard to train as a result. But it is easily looked after in aviaries when left alone in a wide open habitat to suit its large size. It is in the Flying/Dragon breeding groups. When it stands straight up from on its tail base, it is about 14 feet tall. From head to tail, it is 30 feet long. It is great for riding on. Its possible abilities are Serene Grace or Gale Wings. No hidden ability.
Majestaura can mega evolve into Mega Majestaura with the Majestaurite. It's still Fairy/Dragon, and its ability in this form is Beauty Veil. (immune to stat lowering moves and status conditions) It gains boosts on speed, HP, attack, and special attack.

Majestaura's regular form and Beautiel also here: ripperthescraftyplz.deviantart…
I want my gallery on FurAffinity to be noticed, but no one there seems to notice it so I have decided to submit at least my Fake Pokemon here as they are the ones I want seen the most currently besides my Priffiths, but I will only have my Fake Pokemon here, it'll take too much time to submit the rest of my gallery other journal has links to my gallery on FurAffinity.


If you wanna know my name, ask. (My name, not Ripper's. XD)
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